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Client: CC’s Physical Therapy
Director: Jay Evans

“Our team’s goal is to rehab your body to your personal, highest level of functional ability. Whether your goal is pain free grocery shopping or running a marathon, we are here to help. Our advanced level of services offered by our physical therapists can help alleviate pain, increase mobility, and improve overall wellness in a way that may be new to you even if you have had physical therapy in the past.”
– April Metter Owner


innovative excellence

The process in which one continues to strive for excellence utilizing not only educators but also environment and colleagues. The process in which learning never ceases and will not be obtained regardless of boundaries.

you focused

Feeling as though YOU are part of the plan of care. Your goals are of value and hearing your thoughts are valued.

authentic care

The “x” factor. The care that is received that you didn’t know was needed. Authentic in persona, experience, presentation. The total package.

community connection

A limitless environment of resources in regards to all things health, wellness and life.