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Client: BIO Girls
Director: Jay Evans

“We envision a world where every girl has the Confidence to be her bright, bold, and beautiful self.” – BIO GIRLS

For their 3rd Annual Gala in 2021, BIO Girls enlisted Off Color Media to step outside the status quo of what has worked in the past. Off Color was challenged to showcase the impact of what BIO Girls is really about.


To improve the self-esteem in adolescent girls through empowerment of self and service to others.


A world where self-acceptance empowers all girls to be their best bold and beautiful selves, inside and out.

Missy Heilman, BIO Girls Founder + Executive Director

“Our girls are constantly being told that they should be something other than who God made them to be and I really wanted to provide a place where they could come and be themselves and feel good about that.”

Kelsey Buell, BIO Girls Mentor

“The conversations that we had were conversations that I always say I wish I would’ve had when I was that age. I mean about confidence and the importance of loving your body and loving who you are and also being kind … I know for me even as an adult, I found myself relating so much to the lessons.”

Aimee Hanson, Grandmother

“I feel like Emily (Aimee’s granddaughter) now has gained some self confidence with the fact that she has the right to say no and whether someone gets mad at her for something, that’s not what’s most important. What’s most important is her uniqueness and her being true to herself as opposed to just following along with what the other girls want her to do.”

Ashley Blazek, BIO Girls Mentor

“Part of the reason I was inspired to do this program is because the story I told myself in 4th or 5th grade was not one of self-compassion and kindness. I told myself some pretty sad, untrue things as a 4th and 5th grader. So, if I can be even just a spark or that listening ear for one girl to change that narrative earlier in life and not later in life like me, win. Success.“