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Client: ASRV
Director: Jay Evans

Internally dubbed “The next Nike” by Jay Evans in February 2021, ASRV is a rapidly rising lifestyle and sportswear brand.

After years of networking with “Quest Hawk,” one of their lead models, we met with the ASRV team in 2019 while shooting some other athletes in Los Angeles. One year later, we were brought back out to LA to do a spec shoot. Within three months, we inked our first contract with ASRV. Shoots took place in Minneapolis, Grand Forks, Los Angeles, and San Diego.


Off Color Media delivered social media assets designed specifically for Instagram. Showcasing Quest and our co-founder, Jordon Mittleider. This piece meant so much to our team. Dating back to 2016 Jordon and Jay would sit in their apartment dreaming of things that could become a reality. This was at the top of the vision board back then. Today it has come full circle and is now a part of our history.