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Jay has traveled many paths in life to find the space in which marketing and advertising exemplify what people need to see next. From his early high school, college, and working experiences, he has been able to intentionally study himself and the market to create a company and the solution. Forged from his accumulated experience and perspectives, Jay founded Off Color Media in 2018.

Off Color Media optimizes the combination of content and advertising. We are the strategy behind the content and the driver of the story which motivates us to look, feel, and take action. We’re happy to lead, motivate and teach all who tread the path of growth and shattering the status quo. We don’t set out to simply reach goals, we go above and beyond in order to execute exactly what we say we’re going to do for our clients – without them, we would not be where we are today.

Seeing the many delighted faces during our photography sessions or the smiles from our clients as we review their production is the biggest highlight of what we do. It inspires and pushes us to keep progressing in our profession. Capturing timeless moments for your wedding or getting the perfect content for your business, whatever the goal may be, we guarantee to provide the best services every time.

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Forging brands and delivering results through unbridled creativity.

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Having founded OCM in 2018, Jay has spent a lifetime of self improvement which has run equally rich in both OCM and his personal life. He is constantly in the pursuit of being better and brings that mentality into Off Color. When not in office, Jay brings his ever better mentality into his workouts and hobbies.

Account Manager

Ian has thousands of conversations both simple and intricate in his sales and account management experience. He has navigated relationships for clients of all sizes from mom and pop shops to some of the world’s largest corporate players. No matter the client, he takes pride in helping them identify and eliminate pain points. When not in office, he enjoys identifying and exploiting friends’ pain points on the sparring mats.

Lead Editor

Noah has thousands of hours of experience editing video. With his keen eye for the beautiful, he takes great pride in making the perfect visual communication for our clients. When not in office, he enjoys the beauty of the great outdoors through various activities and experiences.

Lead Creative

Jared is a man of many talents. He has built himself an extensive career in producing, directing, and editing high quality video content. When not in the office, he is hard to catch as he is either motorcycling, paramotoring, one-wheeling, jet skiing or bowling.

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